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Homebuyers Surveys and Reports



Prepared in an easy to read jargon free standard format designed by the RICS the Homebuyer report aims to help you:


make a reasoned and informed decision on

whether to go ahead with buying the property;


make an informed decision on what is a reasonable

price to pay for the property;


take account of any repairs or replacements the

property needs


consider what further advice you should take

before exchanging contracts; and


determine how much to insure the property for


To help describe the condition of the home, the surveyor gives

condition ratings to the main parts (or 'elements') of the

building, garage, and some parts outside.


Defects which are serious and/or

         need to be repaired, replaced or

         investigated urgently.


 Defects that need repairing or replacing

          but are not considered to be either serious

          or urgent. The property must be

          maintained in the normal way.


 No repair is currently needed. The property

         must be maintained in the normal way.


N/I   Not inspected.




The surveyor also advises and matters that your legal advisers should investigate and imminent risks to the property or people.


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Conditon reports are almost identical to Homebuyers Reports but without the valuation and reinstatement cost page.


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It is considered that the Homebuyers Surveys and Reports will suit ninety percent of home purchasers



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